5 tips for organizing your outgrown baby clothes

It’s such a sad day when your baby outgrows that favorite little outfit you have. And then they just keep doing it over and over again. It’s like emotional torture every month when my son outgrows his clothes.


I see him every day, even through the middle of the night and I still can’t believe how he’s growing so quickly before my eyes.
It was equally as sad when my daughter began to outgrow her clothes and I kept every single outfit of hers. Most of them were dresses so my excuse was they could be worn as tops for a while with leggings underneath.


Now with two kids though I’m finally letting go of my kids clothing hoarding ways and with that I have tips for you to saving hand-me-downs.


1. Stay on top of it. Once a season, go through all of their clothes and take out everything they’ve outgrown. I know it’s tempting to justify what they may still be able to squeeze into, but be liberal here if you can.
2. Keep your absolute favorites. Pick out a few favorites that you’d want to keep as hand-me-downs. Whether for future kids, a close friend’s kids or even your grandkids. If you’re not done having kids you’ll probably have a bigger stash than someone who is done having kids.
3. Make sure everything is washed and clean for sorting. Whether you’re going to store it away, pass it on to a friend, or donate, it’ll be easier if you try to get any stains out now at this stage. Use Dreft to help get those tough stains out.
4. Sort them by size and/or season, putting each group in a plastic bag (preferably a giant freezer bag with a zipper) and add a label to the bag detailing the size clothing that’s inside. Then store them in a sealed container to keep elements away. Then label the container with the range of sizes and seasons that’s inside.
5. Make some money off some of the clothes you’ve fallen out of love with, or not longer have a need for by selling them at a consignment shop, and consider donating the rest.


I’m passing down several boxes of adorable little girl clothes to my niece, with a sworn promise she’ll return them if I ever have another girl, or let me pick through any other favorites for grandkids.


Do you keep many of your baby’s outgrown clothes?


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